About Me

G'day, ............ and welcome!

  • I am Beth Dancing Free.
  • I am a strong, soft and spiritual woman.
  • I am spirited, finding peace as I ride my motorcycle.
  • I am a gifted writer and speaker.
  • I am open-hearted, and respectful of all who reside on our beautiful Mother Earth.
  • I am unique, as are you who read these words.

My life has, and continues to be, an exciting and powerful journey.

I have explored many spiritual pathways, and have formed an eclectic framework which fits for me.

I am accepting, and non-judgemental, and have respect for all cultures and spiritual beliefs.

I have a broad knowledge of, and interest in ceremonial practice, from differing beliefs e.g. Wiccan and Native American philosophies.

In a professional capacity, my two fields of interest are youth work, and all areas of grief and loss. I am learning and growing also whilst supporting people of all ages to move beyond their fears and make sense of their lives.

I am a woman celebrating my mature beauty.

I love to express myself in unique clothing and jewellery.

I choose to decorate my physical self in meaningful body art which encompasses my softness, and my strength.

I endeavour to connect richly, from the heart, with everyone I meet.



My Fees

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