My Fees

Preparing and delivering your unique ceremony can be time-consuming, with the possibility of re-writes and revisions as it "takes shape". I want the finished ceremony to be perfect for you, to enhance your special day, whatever it may be.

My fee includes:

All meetings and communications, telephone, mailing and faxing costs within Australia.

Personally written ceremony and vows of your choice.

Rehearsal (in person, or by telehone is this is more convenient) if required.

Wireless PA system, able to play your unique music choices, if required.

Travel fees can be negotiated if your ceremony will be beyond a 100km round trip. I am happy to travel as far as you would like me to, either by Trusty Triumph or car with EXCELLENT sound system (to amuse me as I travel!!) :)

For weddings, a printed Marriage Certificate for you both as a keepsake, as well as a copy of your wonderful ceremony. An appropriate certificate for other ceremonies can be arranged also, along with a copy for your historical records.

All legal documents completed and lodged within 14 days, as outlined in the Legalities page.

For weddings, my all inclusive fee for this level of service is $650. A deposit of $150 confirms your booking with me, and is made at or shortly after our first meeting. The remainder is due 14 days prior to your ceremony.

Fee for funerals (Celebration of Life) - $420. For all other non-legal ceremonies the fee is $350.

Payments may be made in cash, or via online banking.

I trust that abundance flows for all of us!!

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