Each person's life journey ends in death, at some stage. Mostly, we don't know when our journey will come to an end. Even though this natural closure is inevitable, it can be a very sad time.

Many people are now choosing to call the formal ceremony after a person's death a "Celebration of Life", which encapsulates the major events and accomplishments which occurred for that person whilst they were alive. It can be a very uplifting ceremony, where people can speak personally, and meaningfully, about the person who has died.

Music, poetry, photos, or any unique way of expressing feelings about, and for your loved one, can be incorporated in whatever way you wish.

I would commit myself fully to spending time with the family left behind for the moment, so together, we could prepare a most fitting tribute.

I can liaise closely with the funeral director to lessen this part of your family's stress, if needs be.

I would feel most humbled to guide a ceremony of farewell.

I would also be comfortable in performing a vicarious marriage ceremony, carried out when one person dies before a couple can perform an honoured ritual. Though it does not carry any legal recognition within Australian law, it can assist the partner left behind, and help to bring about a deeper sense of closure, with no regrets.

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